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dentistas barra da tijuca

Our clinic is very centrally located in Barra da Tijuca, at Downtown Mall, where you can find a great variety of services and stores.


We provide dental services in every specialty and speak fluent English. We were graduated on the best Dental school in Rio, at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Below you can check a short version of the curriculum of our team.


Come and visit us. We'll be very happy to receive you and your familly!

dentista barra da tijuca
  • Graduated in 1998 - UFRJ

  • Certified Specialist in Periodonthics and Prosthetics 

  • Attends to numerous extension courses both in Brazil and overseas. 

  • Works mainly at the office but also works as a Dentist for the Rio de Janeiro City Hall.  

Dr. Carolina Faria DDS
Periodonthics, General Practice
dentista barra da tijuca
  • President of the Brazilian Society of Orthodontics (SBO - 2017/2018)

  • Graduated in 1996 - UFRJ

  • Master's Degree in Orthodontics - UFF

  • Certified Orthodontist and Facial Orthopedist. - UGF

  • Post-graduated in Temporo-mandibular Disorders and Occlusion.

  • Fellow of the World Federation of Orthodontics (WFO)

  • Certified Invisalign Doctor since 2010

  • Member of the Brazilian Association of Orthodontics (ABOR)

  • Member of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO).

  • Attends regularly to extension courses and meetings in Brazil and abroad.

Dr. Ricardo Machado MS, DDS
Orthodontics, Facial Orthopedics, TMD
Main services provided
dentista barra da tijuca
  • Graduated in 1996 - UFRJ

  • Cretified Specialist in Dental Prothesis - UERJ

  • Cretified Specialist in Dental Implants

  • Post-graduated in Temporo-mandibular Disorders and Occlusion.

  • Professor of Dental School at UNESA since 1998

  • Lecturer in many post-graduation courses

  • Attends to the most important meetings in his field of expertise in Brazil and abroad

Dr. Paulo Marcelo Santos DDS
Prosthetics, Dental Implants, TMD
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